Hot Toys’ Tony Stark Suits up for a Quantum Leap

He is Iron Man. But for at least one sequence in one movie, he’ll dress like Ant-Man. The latest of Hot Toys’ Tony Stark figures is a real team player, clad in the new Avengers: Endgame uniform. Moreover, he’s ready to jump through time to set things right. Regardless of risk to the relatively calm life he finally thinks he’s found.

Sweetening the deal, Hot Toys includes an alternate helmeted head with light-up visor — a function that showcases the actor’s expressions, but would be impractical in reality. And he comes with the bonus accessory of the broken Iron Man helmet on which he records a message to Pepper, as seen early in the movie and in the trailers.

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While the Robert Downey Jr. headsculpt is a previous sculpt, it features an all-new paint job, for that “blood rushing back to the face with purpose” look. Pricing and preorder details have yet to be announced, but you can probably expect a $200+ tab and an arrival time of next year. As hinted by some of the official images, it looks like the whole team is coming to join him in quantum suits shortly.

Check out the entire gallery of images below. Please note Hot Toys won’t actually provide a Quantum Realm to be included. But Stark does come with a figure stand decorated with an Endgame-styled “A” logo!

Who wants to travel into the future and get this guy for their collection right now? Tell us in comments below.