Collect the Classic Star Trek Crew as Cat Statues

No matter how big your Star Trek collection, it couldn’t be purrfect (sorry!) until now. Thanks, perhaps (purr-haps?) to artist Jenny Parks’ pictures of Starfleet’s best as felines, and the books they fill, James Kirk and company are getting catty. Literally, as you’ll soon be able to own the Star Trek crew as cat statues.

These four-inch tall figurines come from the Bradford Exchange, usually known for jewelry and miniature Christmas villages. Lately, however, as the original generation of nerdy collectors comes of old age, they’ve been veering more into licenses like Star Wars and Trek. And since a large part of their demographic is also grandmothers, cats in licensed costumes make a natural mash-up.

To quote the catalogue, because it doesn’t get dad-punnier than this, “your collection begins with Issue One, Cat-tain Kirk. Next to arrive will be Issue Two, Mist-purr Spock. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Three, Lieutenant Uh-purr-a.” Yes, there is a subscription available. Presumably Jean-Luc Pi-Cat, Khat Noonien Singh, and Mange-amin Sis-coat are due down the line. (Okay, that last one’s a stretch.)

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Cats actually have a lot in common with Star Trek captains. They’re impulsive yet contemplative, cute yet dangerous, and if you don’t get them fixed, they’ll rub up against anything that moves. And they probably love phasers as much as real cats like lasers.

The Star Trek Space Cat Crusaders Figurine Collection (yes, that’s the actual official name) costs $39.99 per kitty. Plus $8.99 shipping and handling. Since these aren’t live cats, they can be handled without much fuss.

What Star Trek character would you most like to see as a four-legged furry friend? Let us know in the comments below.