Hasbro’s New Overwatch Action Figures Are Now Available

With the lucrative licenses for Marvel and Star Wars potentially open to other bids in the next couple of years, Hasbro has been upping their game. Not only are those familiar lines getting better, but the company is acquiring big new ones on the six-inch figure arena. Just in case things don’t work out, and a rival somehow pulls what Todd McFarlane managed with DC superheroes. One of their hottest acquisitions has been Power Rangers, but they’re also going big into the gaming arena with a new line of Overwatch action figures. Using extensive articulation and blast effects, these combatants adopt any pose you need for tournament action to commence.

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Even if you know nothing about Overwatch, Tracer is ubiquitous. You’ve seen her picture; and you may have noticed her in the final battle of Ready Player One. The most recognizable English woman with two guns in video games since Lara Croft deserves to finally have a toy. Feuding former Overwatch leaders Reaper and Soldier 76 are also here. Lucio’s rollerblades include snap on power effects, while Pharah and Mercy can really spread their wings. Ana and Sombra round out the 6-inch line, but that’s not all. In scale with all these characters is the significantly larger Reinhardt, packed with rocket hammer and barrier field. The other figures average out at $19.99; this power-armored dude is closer to $49.99.

The inclusion of bigger figures recalls the way McFarlane Toys used to always feature a “deluxe boxed set” larger figure. It also signifies some thinking outside of the box, unconfined to one unified size. Perhaps some other armors and even vehicles could come next?

Check out our gallery below for images of the first series. Then tell us who your playable character is in the comment section!