McFarlane Toys Reveals Harry Potter Action Figures in Silhouette

Many toy companies have held the rights to Harry Potter action figures since the first movie in 2001. Some, like Mattel, experimented with different styles from film to film. However, none of the lines has ever really felt the definitive match-up, like Kenner and Star Wars, or NECA and Predator. (Unless you count LEGO, perhaps, which has done a masterful job to date.)

McFarlane Toys hopes to change all that with a new line of figures encompassing all the films, including the Fantastic Beasts spin-offs. They’ll be in the seven-inch scale, and thus compatible with NECA’s previous efforts. What McFarlane will add to the mix is articulation, with each figure sporting 22 joints.

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The first wave of figures is up for preorder at major retailers now, and with it, a first image (via Entertainment Earth). It only shows them in shadow, but gives us enough to go on as far as what to expect:

It looks like the first wave will be Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Voldemort, and will include Patronus charms for the heroes. (Ol’ no-nose Voldemort gets his snake instead.) It also looks to be from the later films, with Harry and friends out of school uniform. McFarlane loves fantastical elements, so it’s no surprise they’d be nicely accessorized, particularly the humans.

In a previous press release, Todd McFarlane also announced that Buckbeak the Hippogriff would be coming too. He does love his creatures so.

Who would you like to see come next in the line? Are you excited for McFarlane to tackle these modern classic characters? Apparate your ideas in comments below.