Rob Liefeld is Pumped for the Deadpool Movie!

When it comes to outspoken comic creators, you can’t really top Rob Liefeld–okay, maybe Mark Millar–the young artist who came to fame in the early ’90s on hot Marvel books like “The New Mutants,” in which he created popular characters like Cable, Deadpool, Domino and others before departing Marvel to form Image Comics.

Since his creation Deadpool was introduced in X-Men Origins: Wolverine earlier this year, Liefeld has been a great cheerleader for the movie, having returned to Marvel Comics in recent years to revive some of his characters there.

According to Liefeld on Twitter, he met with Lauren Schuler Donner and her team earlier today to discuss the direction for the planned Deadpool spin-off movie, and he seemed very excited about their plans for the character he created. Some of the stuff he tweeted wasn’t very newsworthy like the fact that Ryan Reynolds would continue to play the character, but he did seem hopeful that they were going to retain a lot more of the character’s persona that made him so popular among the fans. (Check out the second tweet below.)

Liefeld’s tweets follow:

“Great Deadpool movie meeting! Lauren Schuler Donner and her team are headed in the right direction!”

“Deadpool movie checklist- DP in costume-check! Breaking 4th wall-check! Loads of killing-double check!”

“Deadpool movie- YES! Ryan Reynolds is on board!!!”

And then the most interesting one:

“Also excited to discuss possibilities of Cable in future X-films!!!”

One would expect that Donner and 20th Century Fox would eventually get around to introducing Cable–the aged son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers in an alternate timeline–in a future “X-Men” installment, but it’s even more promising to learn that Liefeld is involved in the development, something that could help to make it happen even sooner.

If you’re a fan of Deadpool or Cable, let us know what you think of Liefeld’s thoughts on the subject of their future movie appearances.

Source: Twitter, Edward Douglas