Roberto Orci Answers Transformers Sequel Questions

Slowly turning into one of the best sources for all things Transformers, Transformers World 2005 (no, we have no idea why they’re three years behind the rest of us) has had a very special member of the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen creative team, co-writer Roberto Orci, join their message boards where he’s been (somewhat vaguely) answering questions about the upcoming sequel.

While Orci has been doing the interview rounds as the co-producer of the new action-thriller Eagle Eye, which opens everywhere on Friday September 26, plus he has a new Fox show “Fringe” (both co-produced with his partner Alex Kurtzman), none of these interviews get as in depth into what we may or may not see in the sequel than this message board Q ‘n’ A thread. (General spoiler warnings if you want to be surprised, of course.)

There’s way too much information here to mention just one thing or another but there’s a lot of diehard Transformers fans on their forums, so you’ll probably want to read it all for yourself here.

Transformers World also confirms that Jetfire will be an Autobot in the movie, rather than a Decepticon, because he’ll be combining with Optimus Prime in the new movie. You can read more about that here.

Source: Transformers World