Alan Moore Unsupportive of Snyder’s Watchmen

With the 20th Century Fox lawsuit against Warner Bros. over Zack Snyder’s Watchmen still unresolved, the Los Angeles Times‘ “Hero Complex” blog recently interviewed comic creator and author Alan Moore and got his opinion on the movie that many have felt might finally get one of Moore’s stories right. Moore apparently hasn’t had his opinion about Hollywood swayed or changed, because he isn’t just against the adaption of his graphic novel finally coming to the big screen, but seemingly against movies in general.

In the interview, Moore says that he finds “film in its modern form to be quite bullying,” and as far as the much-publicized lawsuit, Moore seems to be thrilled about the legal problems surrounding the film which is due out on March 6, 2009, two months after the trial date that’s been set for the case. “Will the film even be coming out? There are these legal problems now, which I find wonderfully ironic. Perhaps it’s been cursed from afar, from England, and I can tell you that I will also be spitting venom all over it for months to come.”

Then again, Moore has never watched any of the film adaptations of his books, and Zack Snyder probably shouldn’t feel too bad that Moore isn’t positive or supportive of the hard work he’s been putting into making Watchmen faithful to Moore’s original work.

You can read the rest of the interview with Moore here.

Source: Los Angeles Times