Exclusive: Batman Gets a New Theme!

Comic book movie fans the world over were thrilled with Christopher Nolan’s 2005 relaunch Batman Begins and a large part of that–not to disparage the talented Danny Elfman–was due to Hans Zimmer’s fantastic score. ComingSoon.net/Superhero Hype! recently had a rare opportunity to talk to the musical maestro about his score for The Simpsons Movie, and we asked him how things were progressing on the musical end of the Batman sequel The Dark Knight.

The biggest news from Mr. Zimmer, who told us that he’s “playing around” and “getting some ideas” is the fact that he’s crafting a new Batman theme for the second movie in the relaunched franchise. “It’s going to evolve,” He told us. “There is a big Batman theme which I was playing with for the last one, but I always felt the character hadn’t earned it yet, so I just want to go and play around, and I now want to go and complete that theme, so that’s part of the idea. I felt I had a good start, and now it would be really nice to develop that world a little further.”

The Dark Knight opens on July 18, while The Simpsons Movie is now playing in theatres and its soundtrack is available in record stores everywhere. You can read our full interview with Mr. Zimmer on ComingSoon.net very soon. (It’s one not to miss for anyone who wants to learn more about the origins of “The Spider-Pig Contata” or some of Mr. Zimmer’s other exciting plans, some of them involving “pirates.”)

Source: Edward Douglas