Transformers Scores $152.5M in First Week!

After making nearly $85 million in its first three-and-a-half days, DreamWorks’ Transformers held well over the three-day weekend, grossing an estimated $67.6 million and becoming the second-highest opening movie for the 4th of July holiday frame behind Spider-Man 2. In just one week, the Michael Bay action flick has grossed approximately $152.5 million–just over its reported $150 million budget–and it’s trailing just behind the original Spider-Man in terms of total gross for its first week. When it passes Spider-Man in terms of box office gross for seven days, it will make Transformers one of the most succcessful non-sequels since the webslinger’s movie debut in 2002. Expect it to be the third movie this summer to gross $300 million or slightly less.

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Source: Box Office Mojo, The Weekend Warrior