Mark Fergus Talks Iron Man! has an exclusive interview with writer/director Mark Fergus talking about his new movie First Snow starring Guy Pearce, but he also talks about next year’s Iron Man, which he co-wrote with Hawk Ostby. Here’s an excerpt from Fergus’ thoughts on the film’s cast:

You realize that the class of actor you’re looking at and the precision that they work in is just incredible. The reason the actors are coming is that Jon is an actor and he’s such an inspiring director. Anybody who sits in a room with him is going to want to do the movie by the time they walk out of that room. He just inspires you to want to be a part of it, and I think because he’s such an actor’s director, these actors are thinking that they can really go to great lengths, even if it’s a genre thing or a comic thing. They’re going to really do some interesting stuff, because Jon understands what actors need and the challenge they’re looking for, and there’s no doubt that he keeps getting top notch people.

You can read the rest of the interview here!

Source: Edward Douglas