Bale Doesn’t Talk About The Dark Knight

One of the most exciting superhero movies of the last few years was Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, and Nolan reunites with his star Christian Bale this coming weekend for The Prestige, a turn of the century magician thriller based on the book by Christopher Priest.

So when Hype! had a chance to talk to Christian Bale about the movie, you would think that we could get a few scoops from him about what to expect from the 2008 sequel The Dark Knight, right?

As Luthor might say? WRONG!

Apparently, Bale hasn’t even read the script yet, or at least so he claims. He’s an actor, so who knows whether we should believe him when he told us, “I’ve spoken to Chris about it. I haven’t read anything yet. I trust him completely. I’m sure he’s been coming up with something improved upon our first one. We also have the knowledge that everyone has confidence in what we’re trying to do now because the first one worked. People embraced it. Beyond that, Chris is just a real solid foundation. You don’t worry too much if he’s going to come up with the goods. He is. He’s one of the best around.”

“I have no clue what we’re going to be doing and I haven’t paid a lot of thought to it,” Bale continued. “I’ll pay a lot of thought to it once Chris sits me down and tells me what he’s trying to achieve for the next one. When I sit in the safety vault and read the script being monitored on all sides then I’ll know more and I’ll move forward with it from there. Before then, I’m truly not thinking about it. I’ve got total trust in him and I have no problem reading the script a week before we start. I’m actually pretty confident.”

“I mean look of course, I’d love to be able to talk with you more and we will [talk] about the actual character and where we can take that and where we want to take him. But beyond that, I enjoy this kind of air of secrecy about it and I don’t mind not being in right there in the inner circle until Chris decides he needs me to know about it and he needs my input as well. So far, that hasn’t happened.”

We also asked Bale if he’s worried at all about being thought of just as Batman or Bruce Wayne, to which he responded, “My feeling has always been with anything like that it all depends on the following roles I take and just ability as well you know. If it turns out that I’m just doing different variations of Bruce Wayne for the rest of my life, than who would want to keep hiring me for anything? I wasn’t that worried about that, especially because of the way that we approached that of doing “Batman” and “Batman Begins.” Although he’s obviously larger than life, obviously we were referencing many of the graphic novels. It’s somewhat in my mind less of a character than he was represented in many of the other versions. I kind of watch it and believe him as a real character in this sort of ridiculous animated personality.”

Before Batman’s return, you can see Bale in Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige, which opens on October 20.

Source: Heather Newgen, Edward Douglas