Happy Birthday Batman!

TV’s Batman Adam West turns 78 today!

Say what you will about the classic campy 1960’s Batman TV series, Adam West’s contribution to the history of Batman cannot be ignored! The series premiered on the ABC television network on January 12, 1966 and was a huge hit. The series ran for three seasons and was cancelled in 1968. The series spawned a film, Batman: The Movie and the campy tone of the show took the country by storm and created a merchandising bonanza the likes of which had never been seen before.

Many hardcore bat-fans blame the 60’s series with its POW! BAM! BIFF! for ruining Batman, but most fans forget that at the time in the comics the Caped Crusader was at an all time low, battling purpled headed aliens and giant bugs, a far cry from his darker origins. It was not until the likes of Neal Adams, Denny O’Neil & Frank Miller that the Dark Knight was returned to his darker roots!

Happy Birthday ADAM WEST!

Source: Excelsior