Frank Miller’s Take on The Spirit

Hours before The Spirit movie panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, Frank Miller talked to about his plans for the movie, based on the early Will Eisner hero, which he’ll start working on after finishing Sin City 2 with Robert Rodriguez.

“I’ll take some of the lessons I learned from Robert Rodriguez and that’s to use the comics as storyboards and doing my best to be as faithful as possible,” Miller told us. “Now, the tone I have in mind will probably surprise a lot of readers, because they’re used to the kindler, gentler Spirit from after Will got drafted and his assistants took over. This is going to be a scarier take on it, much more like the earlier stories.”

Considering The Spirit’s long publishing history, we wondered whether Miller had any idea which stories he might use for the movie. “There’s a couple,” he replied. “I want to use several of the femme fatales and right now, I’m putting together how they’re all going to mix up together.”

He will be using a similar green screen technique used by Robert Rodriguez to make the movie in terms of presenting Will Eisner’s very distinctive looking world, and he even said that he’s going to try to blend The Spirit title into the cityscape just like what could be seen on Eisner’s title pages.

“I’m not going to beat you over the head with the logo, but it’ll be just the same way that Robert was able to capture the feel of Sin City, I think capturing the more romantic look of Eisner’s city will be a lot of fun.”

And as far as when they’ll start on Sin City 2? “It all depends on when they’re finished with ‘Grind House,’ but I’m still on deck.” He’s still hoping that Angelina Jolie will play the role of Eva in the sequel. should have more with Miller on both movies, as well as Zach Snyder’s 300 very soon.

Source: Edward Douglas