Hugh Jackman on the Wolverine Prequel

Hugh Jackman has been working very hard in the last year or two, and the fruit of those labors will see the light in the next few months as he appears in three or four new movies. The first of these, of course, will be the third (and presumably final) chapter in the story of the Marvel mutants, X-Men: The Last Stand.

With the movie two weeks away from release, Jackman is already hard at work helping to develop the Wolverine prequel, currently being written by David Benioff (Troy). While doing an interview to talk about X-Men: The Last Stand, Jackman told SuperHeroHype! that he had been reading a lot of Logan’s back story in the comics in preparation for the prequel, as well as updating on its progress.

“We have two drafts and David is going to do another draft, and then we’ll find our director,” he said. “I’m not going to make a decision until I have the script right, but I’ll definitely look at Brett [Ratner]. I don’t want Wolverine to appear to be ‘X-Men 4′ in disguise; I don’t want to make it stylistically the same. I want to do something different. That’s my idea. Until we have the script, I don’t really know who’s right, but there’s been a lot of interest from a lot of really amazing directors, so I’m really excited.”

In the meantime, you can see Wolverine fight a fierce battle in the upcoming X-Men: The Last Stand, opening on May 26, and look for a full interview with Mr. Jackman sometime before then.

Source: Edward Douglas