300’s Queen Gorgo

A few weeks back, SuperheroHype.com had a chance to visit the Montreal set of Zack Snyder’s production of 300, based on the Frank Miller graphic novel. Although we got to see a lot of cool things and talk to a lot of people, and we can’t really say much about either, we recently talked to actress Lena Heady, who was in New York to talk about her upcoming romantic comedy Imagine Me & You, and we couldn’t resist asking what it was like to be in that war epic.

The British beauty, whose last two movies The Brothers Grimm and The Cave opened the exact same day, plays Queen Gorgo, wife to Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas, and one of only two major female roles in the movie. She told us what that involved with that. “I just wear very little,” she admitted, “And they go off to war and I’m sort of left holding the political court as they f**k off and fight. Basically, she’s in over her head, so she sort of deals with the back home malarkey.”

“I think it’s wrapped, so that the boys can get back in their clothes,” when asked about how it was going, and we also wondered whether she went through the intense training regiment they went through. “I hardly wore any clothes, so I wished I had trained, but it was a really great experience. The weird blue screen/green screen was freaky. You can’t sort of relate to any world, so it’s very odd, and emotionally, there’s nothing to connect to apart from another actor. It was very strange, but the director Zack Snyder is awesome. He’s such a great human being and a brilliant director. It’s actually a fantastic role. It was like one scene that was killer and I hope I nailed it.”

Lena’s Imagine Me & You co-star Piper Perabo certainly was impressed and excited when she heard about the movie, giving one the impression that she was a fan of Frank Miller’s work. We asked Heady if she had a chance to meet the legendary artist. “I don’t think I met Frank, but he was milling around.”

300 is scheduled to be released by Warner Bros. in 2007.

Source: Edward Douglas