Frank Langella Tapped as Superman’s Boss

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Actor Frank Langella, who once chilled moviegoers as Count Dracula, has stepped into the role of Superman’s boss, Perry White, in Bryan Singer’s upcoming comic book adventure “Superman Returns” for Warner Bros. Pictures.

Hugh Laurie originally was cast in the role but bowed out because of a scheduling conflict with the Fox television series on which he stars, “House.”

The medical drama, on which Singer is executive producer, has proved a surprise hit and was just picked up for a second season. Laurie had not yet shot any scenes on the movie, which began production March 21 in Australia.

In the Superman canon, White is the editor of the Daily Planet, the newspaper where the Man of Steel’s alter ego, Clark Kent, works as a mild-mannered reporter.

In Singer’s version, White has a son named Richard, played by James Marsden, who is Lois Lane’s love interest.

Langella played Count Dracula in Universal Pictures’ 1979 “Dracula.” His other credits include TV’s “Unscripted” and the features “Sweet November” and the upcoming “House of D.”

Lets not forget Skeletor in “Masters Of The Universe”

Source: Hollywood Reporter