New Batman Begins Teaser hits the Tube

Sharp eye’d Hype’sters in the forums have spotted a new Batman Begins teaser on ESPN and also on SpikeTV.

Hey this is Jesster32388 from the boards, just wanted to let you guys know that on ESPN they are showing a new spot for Batman Begins, there’s a thread on it on the Batman Begins boards

I just saw a new teaser during ESPN’s Sports Center! It didn’t have any footage or anything. It started on the red sky seen in the posters. Then bats fly from left to right eventually blocking out the entire sky. The titles appear: Batman Begins June 17. I’m sorry I couldn’t grab it or anything but keep your eye out. I’m guessing the media hype has BEGUN!!

…Speaking of teasers, I just saw one on Spike TV. it’ was a bunch of bats against a reddish orangish sky, and then it said Batman Begins. Totally awesome!!

Sounds like the hype has begun for Batman Begins

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Source: kakarot069, PSU442, Jesster32388