Dawson, Gail & Chaps in Sin City

Over at MTV.com SIN CITY’S Rosario Dawson talks about Gail and skimpy leather outfits.

There’s a lot of nudity, male nudity — at least in the comics, not so much in the movie version. But the two [types of sexuality] kind of match. The men have that stereotypical leather-jacketed, big-gun voiceover thing going on. “I’m in so much pain and I have to do this thing and it’s gonna cost me my life.” You know, there’s a nice juxtaposition between the two characters [Dawson’s Gail and Clive Owen’s Dwight] and how they both kind of go and do the same thing in the movie, but they each do it in a very feminine or masculine way. The men can be very sensitive in their voiceovers, while the women don’t have any voiceovers. They just go ahead and do what they have to. And I don’t think that there’s ever a moment where you suspect that these women would not be able to handle themselves in any situation. They’re femme fatales, for sure, which is cool.

SIN CITY hits theaters April 1st. To read the full article, follow the link above.

Source: MTV