Fan Films A-GO-GO

With the advent of the home video camera and mini film studios that fit into your personal computer, there isn’t anything that the ardent superhero fan can’t do! Comic Con this year was to host a number of FAN FILMS, but a legal snafu has put that on hold… but never fear Hype’sters SHH can point you in the right direction to see these cool films!

Here are a few of the films that are on the SHH MUST SEE LIST.

BATMAN: Madness by Aaron Schoenke

From the director of Batman Beyond: Year One & Dark Justice.

Synopsis: Batman goes up against the sultry Poison Ivy, and the Mad Hatter. While working on a strange case Batman finds himself at odds with his old friends Nightwing and Superman.

Watch the teaser at:

Official Site: Bat in the Sun

GRAYSON by John Fiorella

Synopsis: Gotham’s Son Returns! Two decades after the golden age of superheroes has passed, hope has abandoned Gotham City. Corruption has infected Gotham’s highest levels of power and led to the death of its greatest champion. Now, former boy wonder, Dick Grayson, will emerge from the shadows of retirement to avenge the murder of his legendary mentor.

Watch the film at:

Official site: Untamed Cinema

LAST CALL by Dan Poole

Synopsis: Cult fan film favorite ‘The Green Goblin’s Last Stand’ director Dan Poole has put his spin on Wolverine. Our favorite feral mutant tries to down a few rounds at a backwoods bar. Unfortunately for him, the good ‘ol boys just ain’t that tolerant. Unfortunately for them, neither is he. 8 minutes of slash & trash fun that you will have to watch again and again.

Extreme violence. *Look for DAN at Comic Con this weekend. Dan will be showing Last Call on Sat. July 24th at the STAR BAR in San Diego. Located near the convention center at 8pm – 423 ‘E’ Street.

Official site: Alpha Dog Productions

G.I. JOE: Special Missions 2 by Rene Perez

Synopsis: The popular 80’s comic book and cartoon series has been brought to life in this all out action fan film. Follow ‘Flint’, second in command of the Special Forces unit ‘G.I.Joe’. A disillusioned soldier on the verge of a life altering decision must face a deadly foe: Cobra. The world’s most terrifying threat has arrived. Prepare for war.

Watch the film and visit the official site here:

REACTION by Nick Kougioulis

Synopsis: Reaction is a short film made during the summer of 2002. It features some great Incredible Hulk effects, and focuses on the few minutes after Bruce Banner is exposed to the gamma radiation for the first time.

Watch the film and visit the official site here: ReactionSite

WORLDS FINEST by Sandy Collora

Synopsis: Filmmaker Sandy Collora first made fans go wild with his take on the Dark Knight in Batman: Dead End. Worlds Finest bits Batman & Superman against their greatest foes… You’ll have to wait till tomorrow for more EXCLUSIVE coverage of Sandy’s newest flick…

And if any of these FAN FILMS don’t cure your fix, check out BatmanFan for a potluck of Bat-Flicks!


Follow the links above to see the films or to visit the filmmaker’s websites. SHH is hard at work on a story featuring some of the above filmmakers, look for it shortly. Contact EXCELSIOR if you have any FAN FILMS you would like to see HYPED!

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