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The Flash Season 5 Episode 22 Recap

Last week on The Flash, Ralph had the epiphany that Thawne was indeed manipulating Nora to destroy the dagger so that he could be freed. On the Season 5 finale of The Flash, the cogs in Thawne’s endgame are finally set in motion.

Creating a “Crisis”

The Flash

The episode starts out right where the last one left off, with Ralph stepping in front of the mirror gun shot. Although Ralph is able to save the dagger, his cells became inverted, causing him to become physically discombobulated. At S.T.A.R. Labs, Sherloque quickly realizes that the dagger is the only thing keeping Thawne at bay in the future. Caitlin urges Cisco to come clean about his Meta abilities to Camilla, which he agrees to finally divulge. At Jitters, Cisco reveals his abilities and Camilla deduces that he’s Vibe. Fortunately, she understands his predicament, offering to support him no matter his decision.

Back at S.T.A.R. labs, the team eventually realizes that they can fix Ralph with one of Cisco’s Vibe blasts. Ralph returns to his usual self, albeit with a seemingly broken vocabulary at first. The team is able to track Cicada to the outskirts of Central City, and Nora proposes a plan of action to take her down once and for all.

Reverse Time Hack

 The Flash

Team Flash arrives at Grace’s cabin in the woods. After a quick confrontation, Joe is able to use a porta-portal to trap Cicada 2 into the Thawne trap at S.T.A.R. Labs. Nora attempts to speak with young Grace inside her mind in hopes of convince her to take the cure. She agrees, but Cicada 2 is able to escape and make it back to the cabin and a fight ensues.

Young Grace wakes to take the cure, but her body rejects it due to the shard lodged in her head. As Cicada 2 is about to take Nora’s life with the dagger, Cisco vibes the mirror Gun to Barry. He destroys the dagger, which also causes Grace to disappear into nothingness. As this happens, Thawne is freed in the future seconds before he is about to be executed.

A New Timeline

The Flash

Thawne makes quick work of all the guards in the execution chamber, but time is reversed. Flash and XS arrive in the future, and they go on a big chase with Reverse Flash. After being outwitted by Thawne, the rest of Team Flash arrives suited up to even the odds. A huge battle ensues, and they work together to incapacitate the Reverse Flash. As Nora is about to kill Thawne, her powers start to glitch out just like Grace earlier.

Thawne reveals that destroying the dagger created a new timeline. Because of his fondness for her, Thawne mentions that entering the Negative Speed Force can save Nora. However, she decides to live with the consequences of her actions because entering the Negative Speed Force would make her just like Thawne. Eventually, Nora slowly dissolves from the timeline in an emotional goodbye for Barry and Iris.


 The Flash

Back at Star Labs, the team mourns the loss of Nora, while acknowledging her impact on the current timeline. After saying his goodbyes, Sherloque heads back to his own earth. After the battle with Thawne, Cisco decides to take the cure. Caitlin says goodbye to his alter ego in a tender moment. At C.C.P.D. Captain Singh informs Joe, Cecille and Barry that he’s getting a promotion to police chief. Which means that he wants Joe to replace him as Captain. Singh affirms Joe’s capability by revealing that he knows Barry is The Flash.

Later in the time vault, Barry and Iris cope by reading through Nora’s journal. They find a hidden message, which is an earnest one pre-recorded before she got dusted. As the message plays, we see Cisco having normal life with Camilla; Joe settles in to his role as the new Captain with Cecille by his side; Sherloque reunites with Renee; Ralph finds gifts left behind by Sherloque; and Caitlin finds a parting gift left by Cisco. The episode ends with an “incoming time flux” that changes the fabled newspaper headline to 2019 which teases a “Crisis”.

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