Elseworlds Part 3 Promo Features Evil Superman In Control

The Elseworlds crossover event is nearly over, but the Flash and Green Arrow are in some serious trouble. Barry Allen and Oliver Queen already had to adjust to swapping lives with each other. Now, the Monitor has reclaimed the Book of Destiny, and John Deegan has once again rewritten reality. This time, Barry and Oliver are the powerless Trigger Twins, and infamous outlaws. Additionally, the older Barry Allen from another Earth was breached away, and Supergirl is missing.

In the closing seconds of last night’s installment, Barry and Oliver were confronted by a Superman in a dark suit. But this isn’t the Man of Steel they encountered on Kara’s world. Instead, Earth-1 finally has a Superman of its own…and he’s a villain. The CW has released the promo trailer for Elseworlds Part 3, which depicts the new Superman claiming this world for himself.

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The trailer also teases a battle between the two Supermen. Perhaps the dark Superman is actually John Deegan in a new body. That might explain his ability to use the Book of Destiny against the real Man of Steel. There aren’t a lot of hints about the crossover’s resolution, but Barry can be seen back in his signature Flash costume. Likewise, Oliver also puts his Green Arrow outfit. We also learn that the new Superman will imprison Supergirl, and that he really believes he’s the hero that Earth-1 needs. He even has his own followers on this world as well.

Elseworlds will wrap up on tonight’s episode of Supergirl. You can watch the teaser trailer below, then share your thoughts in the comment section.