Titans season 1 episode 8 recap

Titans Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

The Titans’ ranks continued growing after their trip to the Organization’s secret asylum base. Rachel’s birth mother, Angela, escaped alongside the quartet, giving Rachel some much needed relief. It definitely made for a happy moment, but the show’s propensity for splitting up the group isn’t far from rearing its head again. Each member of the team still has plenty of self-discovery ahead, though what is found might not always be for the best.

Post-Asylum Comedown

Titans Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

With the burning asylum in the Titans’ rear view, the team takes an inevitable yet brief moment of R & R. Rachel and Gar joke about Dick and Kory hooking up over breakfast before Rachel shares a calm moment with her mother. Gar is invited to join them, but is noticeably uncomfortable in the moment. Kory wakes up next to Dick complaining of nightmares sparked by trauma experienced in the asylum. Fleeting visions of her in an alien cockpit give way to concern over the very real image of Dick’s bags being packed. It appears that Dick is on the move again.

Dick believes his promise to keep Rachel safe is complete with the destruction of the Organization’s HQ. Kory keenly points out that Rachel isn’t the only one who can have a normal life, but Dick isn’t hearing it. He destroyed the Robin suit and now much seek guidance on finding balance in his own identity. The two leave the door open for a relationship down the line. Angela floats the idea of housing everyone in her abandoned home in Ohio before Dick breaks the news to the whole group. Rachel is visibly disappointed with Dick, but gives him a big hug when the crew sees him off.

With Dick gone, the remaining teammates make their way to Ohio via train. Kory jests Gar over his attraction to Rachel while Rachel and Angela take time to reconnect during the long trip. Angela reveals that she knew Melissa and left Rachel in her care to protect her from her father. All she wanted was for Rachel to have a mom, which she can now provide due to their reunion. Rachel asks about her powers. Angela points out that she gets them from her father, but there isn’t anything to fear. Rachel’s father can’t hurt them anymore. The sentiment is comforting, but Rachel still seems unconvinced.

Older, Smarter, Prettier

Titans Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

The guiding voice Dick seeks is that of his longtime friend and fellow sidekick Donna Troy. He shows up on the former Wonder Girl’s doorstep to let her know he quit being Robin. Donna is on her way to a photography showing, so she counsels Dick on how she dealt with existential stress of giving up an identity. She didn’t quit being Wonder Girl, she just stopped over time. It isn’t that easy for Dick. Luckily, Donna allows the former Boy Wonder to crash at her place while he figures things out. First lesson: try to relax and act normal with normal people at her showing. He fails miserably. It’s only made worse when Donna leaves Dick alone at the showing to meet a client. Things might not be as they seem though as Dick watches Donna be blindfolded and taken away in an unmarked van.

That work thing ends up being a meeting with a prominent African poacher. He allows Donna to photograph a truck full of illegal animal skins and a live bear meant for organ harvesting as a means of revenge against his boss. Donna deduces that his motive is more about cornering the endangered animal market and refuses to shoot the bear when handed a rifle. The meeting adjourns just as Dick leaps from the darkness and takes out the poacher. Donna is obviously upset as Dick could have ruined her chance at taking down the poaching ring. She makes Dick take a picture of her playing dead next to the KO’d poacher as a way to throw them off the trail.

Donna is ready to deliver her lesson proper after the night’s events. Where Donna’s guardian placed her on a path of self-discovery, Bruce Wayne set Dick on a path of rage. Thankfully they are not the people that shaped them. Donna was able to give up Wonder Girl because she realized she could do more good as Donna Troy. Dick can’t be a civilian or Robin, so he must find something else to be. Then, he can take down anyone he wants. Dick shows his appreciation and the two share a heartfelt moment before Donna asks about the alien language on Dick’s phone. Donna recognizes and is able to translate the passages found in Kory’s storage room.


Titans Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Kpry continues to be plagued by her unexplained flashbacks despite a little bourbon self-medication. She is on edge due to either the alcohol or the asylum and takes an interest in the train’s bartender, Jerry. She threatens him, but backs off when he cowers and pleads his innocence. Unfortunately, Jerry is more than he seems. He calls in law enforcement, informing them that Kory is on the train. Police stop the train and attempt to arrest the fugitive hero, but Kory lights them up before making her escape through a window. She meets up with the rest of the group further down the track and they continue toward Ohio in a stolen truck.

They finally arrive at Angela’s home in Killdeer, Ohio as Kory’s memory flashes begin to physically hurt her. Rachel takes notice and offers to heal her. She might even be able to restore her memory. Kory is apprehensive, but agrees to let her try. Dick and Donna are racing toward the small Ohio town at the same moment. Donna’s translation of Kory’s document reveals it to be a mission statement for someone named Starfire. Starfire has been sent to secure Rachel and possibly kill her. Rachel’s healing hands work all too well, restoring Kory’s memories, including her mission. She takes Rachel by the waist as her eyes go green, preparing to attack.

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