Iron Man Armor: A Complete Guide from Model 1 to Marvel Apes and Beyond!

Iron Man Armor: A Complete Guide from Model 1 to Marvel Apes

In terms of popular culture, March 1963 is among the most culturally-influential months. The debut album of a British pop band called The Beatles is released, the Alcatraz Island federal penitentiary was closed for good, Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds was released in theaters, and issue #39 of “Tales of Suspense” was released by Marvel Comics.

In this issue, a millionaire bachelor scientist named Anthony Stark made his comic book debut along with his mechanical alter ego, Iron Man. Since then, the character has gone on to appear in hundreds of comics, television shows and has been the focus of five feature films (with his sixth debuting in a few weeks). Throughout Tony Stark’s tenure as ‘Shell Head,’ he has had quite a few different versions of his famous Iron Man armor for every occasion that the hero may find himself in.

Iron Man’s armor in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War is the 46th version of his armor for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it shouldn’t surprise you to learn there are even more in the source material (and quite a few scattered throughout the multiverse), so check out the gallery below for a look at Iron Man’s many armors.

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