From A to Z: The 50 Best Superhero Costumes

They say that the clothes make the man, and that is even more true for superheroes than anyone else.

A superhero’s costumes should be able to immediately tell you who they are and what they’re about just by looking at them. From the utterly simple to the overly complicated, the best superhero costumes take a regular person and make them an icon. They should inspire readers and evildoers alike. They must conjure specific words in our heads when we think of them, like heroic, scary, or even more simply, cool. 

The costumes and designs for our favorite heroes have changed throughout the years, and while many modern versions of heroes are the best looking of the character, there are some that they just got right from the beginning. There are some that are improved though, and other heroes have so many different costumes, it’s difficult to pick which is the best.

As difficult as it is to narrow down the best superhero costumes, it’s even harder to decide which one is the outright best. That in mind, we’ve listed our choices alphabetically. So check out the 50 best superhero costumes in the gallery below and sound off with your favorites in the comments!