Recap: Supergirl Faces Livewire and Friendsgiving Dinner

Supergirl faces Livewire and Friendsgiving dinner

A giant alien tries to bust out of the DEO, but luckily Supergirl is present to take her down and she does a good job of juggling the fight while also talking to Alex on the phone. After subduing the captive alien, Kara flies back to her apartment where Alex is having a sort of freakout, all because their mother has arrived and she expects her to be furious about Kara revealing herself to the world. In truth though, it appears to be the opposite. The next day, National City’s very own Shock Jock Leslie Willis delivers her annual list of things she isn’t grateful for, just to mark the holiday, and the only thing on her list is Supergirl. She presents a long list of reasons she doesn’t like her, from her outfit to her lack of sex appeal, all of which prompts Cat Grant to call her into her office and demote her from Radio personality to traffic reporter. Cat simply can’t risk losing Supergirl as an asset because of Willis.

That evening, Kara goes to pick-up take out and runs into Jimmy, who is waiting on Lucy Lane. She invites Jimmy to her “Friendsgiving” event, which Winn will also be attending, but he and Lucy have other plans. Lucy and Jimmy leave just as Alex arrives, convinced her mother is pretending not to be mad about the situation. In a role reversal, Kara tells Alex that she should come forward about who she is – finally someone else is in a position to stop hiding. Leslie finds herself in the Catco helicopter in the middle of a lightning storm and as it can be expected, the chopper starts to fail. Kara flies into action and saves the pilot, who fell from the vehicle, and then manages to catch the helicopter before it crashes into a building. Leslie seems surprised to find Supergirl saving her, and just as they’re about to share a moment, lightning strikes Kara but flows through her and into Leslie. The next morning Kara and Cat go to see Leslie at the hospital, despite her being in a coma. Cat tells her unconscious employee to get off her ass, prompting her to wake up and reveal her spark-filled eyes.

While Kara is at work, Alex and her mother get into a tiff about protecting Kara – to Eliza Kara is still just a girl that needs help and Alex can provide that. Eager to leave the conversation, Alex leaves for work. We then flasback to Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers enjoying a romantic moment together as young Kara and Alex sneak out of their second floor bedroom and take off into the sky for a midnight flight. In the present, a confused and shock-filled Leslie wanders the streets where she runs into a rowdy trouble maker in an alley and gives him a blast of her lightning powers. Realizing her new-found powers, she turns herself into energy and flies into a nearby light.

Kara, Alex, Winn and Eliza all sit around for the Friendsgiving dinner where Alex has been enjoying some wine and is letting her emotions hang on her sleeve. To kick off the event, Kara decides everyone should share what they’re thankful for, and goes first by being thankful for everyone present. Alex doesn’t want to say what she’s thankful for and before Winn can say, Kara’s phone rings and it’s none other than Jimmy. She speaks with him briefly and they share a nice friendly moment, though you can still feel the tension over the phone. As Kara returns to the main room, Alex spills her guts to her mother about her real job, resulting in a big tiff about the whole thing and Eliza playing the “Would your (implied to be dead) father be proud of this?” No one is happy now and then Kara gets called into work. We flashback to Kara and Alex’s night flight again and they get caught coming back home. Jeremiah tells Kara she knows the rules about her powers, they established them to protect her. A knock is heard at the door and they send the girls upstairs. Upon opening, they find none other than Hank Henshaw standing there.

At Catco, Cat can’t get her conference call to work, and as Kara tries to get it back on, the power goes out. Then the unexpected happens, Leslie’s voice rings out in the room and her image pops up on the screens in Cat’s office. She reintroduces herself, no longer as Leslie, but Livewire, before popping out of the screen and attacking. Cat sends Kara down to get security, giving her the perfect out to change and return as Supergirl, which she does. Livewire and Supergirl fight to a standstill as the villain is capable of taking her heat vision and recharging herself with it. Cat tries to escape on her private elevator but Livewire manages to send it into a freefall. Thankfully Supergirl saves her.

Thanks to Livewire, the power is out all over the city. Henshaw comes to Catco to talk to Kara about the event and figures out that Livewire got her powers thanks to Kara’s touch. He also has a potential way to stop the villain, but they’ll have to run some tests. Kara goes back to check on Cat who cuts her loose, but as she explains the circumstances of her failed Friendsgiving, she opens up to Cat and reveals her parents died when she was young, resulting in Cat almost showing a real emotion. Cat empathizes though as she didn’t have the best relationship with her own mother, which is the reason she’s pushed herself so much in her professional life. This leads to Cat having a revelation that maybe she should have pushed Leslie in a different direction, and thinking that she’s the reason she became Livewire. Alex returns from work to find Eliza lighting candles as a very inappropriate cover of “Take Me to Church” plays underneath them. The pair make up for the words they exchanged earlier and Eliza reveals she has something to share with Alex and Kara, but it’ll have to wait as Alex has to go back into work, again. As Cat sits out on her balcony, Supergirl comes to meet with her and they conspire a way to trap Livewire.

At the DEO, Henshaw explains the Ghostbusters-like trap they’ve got to capture Livewire, who Alex warns is powerful enough to potentially kill Kara. Cat broadcasts a message to Leslie from the radio station to meet her “where it all began,” and that place is the dusty old radio station where Cat found her. Cat and Livewire share some banter until Kara arrives and the fight really begins. Alex wasn’t wrong either as Leslie gives Kara the worst beating she’s had to this point in the series, and even strings her up with some lightning whips. Livewire even sniffs out her plan and prevents her from using the trap, but Kara improvises and hoses down Livewire with water from a pipe under the street.

The next morning, Kara brings Winn some leftovers and he finally gets to tell her what he was thankful for. Since his father is in prison and his family doesn’t celebrate, he’s thankful for Kara. He then plants an awkward kiss on her cheek which Kara deflects when she notices Jimmy and Lucy have arrived. When Kara goes into Cat’s office, her boss has had a change of heart after their encounter with Livewire, deciding to ditch the snark of yesterday and embrace the heroism and good news of the city. She also opens up to Kara about what she previously shared, saying she should probably know more about her moving forward.

As Eliza prepares to head home, she comes around to telling Alex and Kara she’s proud of both of them, though she notes there is room for improvement for Kara. She then reveals what she wanted to tell them earlier, she’s known all about the DEO for a while, because their father used to work for them. We see in a flashback that Jeremish bargains for Kara’s freedom in exchange for working for the DEO. Don’t forget, he used to work with Superman before Kara arrived. Eliza goes on to say that their father didn’t die in a plane crash like they were told, he died working for Hank Henshaw. Speaking of Henshaw, they bring Livewire to the DEO prison, their first human captive, and he tells Kara its time to get back to work. She and Alex both maintain a business-like tone with him and after he leaves agree to find out what happened to Jeremiah.