The Flash Episode 2.02 Recap and Preview for Next Week

The Flash Episode 2.02 Recap and Promo for Next Week

Picking up where last week left off, Jay Garrick reveals his true super powers to be Super Exposition, explaining how the world is in danger, there’s a portal connecting their two words, and that he was called The Flash on his own Earth. Jay explains how he was fighting Zoom when the singularity occurred and opened a hole in the sky of his world and sucked him through to Barry’s Earth. Now powerless, Jay has been following everyone on Team Flash to learn more about them. Meanwhile, in another part of town, another portal opens and Zoom drops a man down on the ground and tells him, much like Atom Smasher last week, if you want to go home you’ll kill The Flash.

Caitlin runs some tests on Jay to determine if he has traces of the Speed Force in him, but she also asks him some questions about his life. In the other room, everyone debates his claims and the plausibility. Dr. Stein is all on board for the idea, dropping not only the term “Multiverse,” but drawing out what it would look like with Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-3, etc. As they talk, Caitlin enters and reveals there’s no evidence that Jay has the Speed Force in him, but she did administer a lie detector test to him and thinks he’s telling the truth about it all. Back at the station, Joe is greeted by Officer Patty Spivot, who introduces herself and wants to join the Anti-Metahuman task force, but Joe isn’t so keen on the idea.

Barry locks Jay in the Particle Accelerator prison, and despite understanding why Barry is doing this, Jay reiterates that he just wants to help. In fact, Barry is going to need a lot of help on his side to take down Zoom. Cisco patches through and reveals there’s a fire on the water front, which Barry uses as a good excuse to leave the conversation with Jay. After arriving, Barry puts out the fire but then gets a knock to the noodle from a giant fist made out of sand, courtesy of the man Zoom dropped off earlier. Later, Barry investigates the scene but can’t seem to come up with evidence. Patty Spivot shows up, revealing herself to be a big fan of Barry’s forensic work, and shows something she found: a cut power line that no regular man could have pulled off, so it’s clearly a metahuman. She hands over a sample she took, which appears to be sand, and asks Barry how she can get to Joe, which even Barry isn’t sure about.

Jay runs on the treadmill at STAR Labs while Iris and Caitlin watch, but there’s still no evidence he’s a speedster. Cisco examines the sample from the crime scene, and though everyone agrees it’s sand, Jay enters and reveals it’s actually human cells that simply look like sand. They belong to a metahuman named Sand Demon from his world. Even though Jay knows how to stop Sand Demon, Barry clearly doesn’t want his help, saying “If you were so good you would have caught him.” Add Super Burns to Barry’s list of abilities. Downstairs, Cisco and Dr. Stein talk about the breaches from Earth-2 and that they can potentially track them via exotic matter leaks, I’m no scientist, but okay. Putting the sample under a microscope, Cisco looks at the cells but then gets a vision of Barry’s fight with Sand Demon earlier.

Joe sits in his car looking at a file on Sand Damon, who spots him as he walks down the street and makes a run for it. When Joe rounds the corner, none other than Patty Spivot has caught the guy. Back at the station, Joe interrogates Eddie Slick, who denies starting the fire and reveals he was in Blackgate Penitentiary when the Particle Acclerator explosion happened. Meanwhile, Barry and Patty watch the interrogation but end up talking about Joe and semi-flirting. Joe pulls Barry out to reveal that Slick wasn’t around for the explosion, meaning one thing: He has an Earth-2 Doppleganger.

Back at STAR Labs, Oliver Queen’s “Green Arrow” video plays on a TV. Cisco reveals that, as Jay said, the sand IS human cells, but despite Jay being proven right, Barry is still overly cautious. He calls out the lack of evidence supporting Jay’s claims, considering all of them are scientists and are ignoring that aspect. Iris clears the room to talk to Barry, asking what happened to the real him, the one that trusted people. She knows why he doesn’t trust Jay, and it’s because he reminds him of Dr. Wells, a mistake Barry says he won’t make again, but Barry defeated Wells by trusting people and he’s going to have to do it again. Joe and Patty release Slick since they couldn’t charge him with anything, and right after he goes around the corner, he returns, but it’s not the same man they just saw leave. Slick-2 punches out Joe and is unphased by Patty’s bullets, so he takes her.

Barry goes down to the prison to see Jay and concedes that he needs help because Sand Demon took Patty. Jay begins explaining to everyone how San Demon works and the types of places he’ll be hiding out, because dropping the real bomb: Barry will have to learn a new super power to defeat him; throwing lightning. Joe blames himself for Patty being taken, considering he didn’t want Patty on the task force to begin with, but Barry uses his powers of encouragement to keep Joe’s spirits up. Meanwhile in a dingy greenhouse, Patty tries to talk trash to Sand Demon, who toys away at a concussive bomb, which he plans on using against The Flash.

No one can find any traces of Sand Demon in looking through the vacant buildings of Central City, which leads Cisco to an idea. He runs down and touches the cell sample again, which gives him a vision of Sand Demon’s location. Stein enters and can see Cisco is distraught, but before he can explain, Cisco is gone to tell Barry. Speaking of, Jay trains Barry in the art of running around in a circle and throwing his residual energy into a lightning bolt, but it’s not going well. Jay gives Barry some advice, which leads to Barry opening up about his trust issues. Cisco and Stein enter and reveal where Sand Demon is hiding with Patty. Since Barry isn’t quite ready with his new power, they’re going to need a distraction, and Barry’s idea is a simple one: Jay, all he needs is his helmet. Lucky for Jay, the thing bounced out of a portal and into STAR Labs.

At the greenhouse, the bomb sits under Patty’s legs on the chair. Barry and Jay sprint into action and he drops off Jay to confront Sand Demon. It becomes quickly apparent that Jay doesn’t have his powers, so Sand Demon begins to whale on him, allowing Barry the chance to save Patty, and despite Cisco’s warning about the bomb, the device goes off. Barry checks on Patty before going to fight Sand Demon, who is excited to kill The Flash from two worlds (it’s the episode title AND a comic book reference!) While choking Jay with one hand, he tries to smack around Barry, who builds up speed and chucks a lightning bolt right at him, turning him into glass and sending him to the ground, where he shatters. I guess no one has any qualms about killing people from another Earth, because that’s two now.

Caitlin patches up Jay after his bout, who talks about how hard it is to lose something that was such a big part of who you are. This resonates with Caitlin due to the loss of Ronnie, but she offers some words of reassurance, and apologizes for them not believing him sooner. Barry enters and the pair have a cute conversation about their respective nicknames, which turns into a “Tell me about Zoom” talk. Jay reveals he appeared around the time he got his own powers, he’s smart, quick, and has killed a lot of people. He’s obsessed with destroying the other speedsters and wants to be the only one across the multiverse.

Joe and Patty meet up and he finally asks her why she wants in on the task force. Her reason? Mark Mardon (Weather Wizard) killed her father. After hearing her story, Joe concedes and allows her to join. As he’s leaving though, a woman calls out to Joe, who we quickly find out is his wife and Iris’ mother. At STAR Labs, Stein confronts Cisco about his “hunches,” and Cisco tells him about his visions, but he’s worried that since Wells gave him this power it’s a thing of evil. The computer beeps, revealing to the group a map of the various breaches from Earth-2, of which there are 52, and the most significant one is right here, in STAR Labs. While explaining it, Dr. Stein stumbles and collapses to the floor. After a beat, we see an alternate version of Central City, one that looks suspiciously like Tomorrowland. A tour guide takes some children through the building, explaining what they do at the lab, and then reveals they’re in for a real treat as the savior of Central City himself has just walked up: Dr. Harrison Wells.

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