25 Villains We Want to See on Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

What villains should appear on Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?

It seems like just yesterday that Oliver Queen was duking it out with Ra’s al Ghul and Barry Allen was doing his best to fight the Reverse Flash, but now the new seasons of both Arrow and The Flash are set to begin in just a few short weeks. Damien Darhk is set to terrorize Oliver Queen, Zoom will be going after The Flash, and Vandal Savage is taking on the assembled “legends,” but we want to know who the one and done adversaries will be.

Arrow and The Flash are peppered with villains-of-the-week and by the end of this television season, there will be nearly 60 hours of new episodes between these three shows, so they’re going to need bad guys. Though we know who a few of them are, we’ve got some suggestions for other villains we’d like to see show up in all three shows and how they can fit into the larger plans for the thematic arcs of the shows. Check them out in the gallery and sound off with your comments below!

“The Flash” Season Two premieres on The CW Tuesday, October 6, with “Arrow” set to follow on Wednesday, October 7. “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” will debut as a mid-season premiere next year.

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