Toy Fair: LEGO’s Upcoming DC SuperHeroes Playsets

LEGO has always been doing great playsets and mini-figures (and video games) based on various DC SuperHeroes and they showed off a few of the playsets at this morning’s breakfast presentation.

The biggest and most impressive set was Jokerland, a 1037 piece set that includes eight mini-figures including a “Super Jumper” Batman. The appropriately nutty set has the Joker, his gal pal Harley Quinn, her friend Poison Ivy, the Penguin, Robin, plus Teen Titans Starfire and Beast Boy, with each of them having their own section of Jokerland to habitate with appropriate accessories.  That comes out in August, as does a fun set called “Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas” that has Grodd’s arch-nemesis The Flash, but also Wonder Woman (with her invisible jet), Captain Cold and a scared “Truck Driver.”

Also in August comes “The Batboat Harbor Pursuit” with a mini-figure of Deathstroke.

But there’s more, as the “Darkseid Invasion” set includes Hawkman, Green Arrow, Cyborg and “Super Jumper” Superman with a jet and Darkseid’s large gun that shoots red balls at the heroes. Also on display was the “Black Manta Deep Sea Strike” with Aquaman and “Scuba Robin” mini-figs as well as a Batman “Super Jumper.” “Green Lantern vs. Sinestro” is pretty straight forward except for the “Space Batman Super Jumper.” Yes, I think there’s some artistic license being taken with DC’s SuperHeroes.

You can see most of these things in the gallery below.