10 DC Comics Cities Perfect for Their Own TV Series

Tonight, FOX and DC Entertainment will be bringing us “Gotham,” a Batman-inspired TV series that seeks to tell the origins of the characters in the world of the Dark Knight. This isn’t the first time the location for one of DC’s characters has served as the setting and title for a TV show (“Smallville”) and with as rich of a world as the DCU has, there are plenty of other cities that lie in their world worthy of exploring on television. With that in mind, we’ve assembled ten more DC Comics cities we’d love to see play out as the title for a TV series.


Notable Residents? Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire), Hector Hammond, and William Hand (Black Hand).

Notable Locations? Ferris Aircraft.

What’s the focus? Much like “Gotham” telling the origin of the world of Batman, “Coast City” could set the stage for the world of Green Lantern. With Hal Jordan himself living in the town, along with a number of his future villains, it’s possible to weave a tale that reveals a number of secrets about the location and gets the world ready for a world with Green Lantern. Setting the series pre-Green Lantern would be ideal though, as Hal Jordan would be spending much of his time in space at that point. Or perhaps it’s best to have this series tie into the world of “The Flash” and “Arrow,” and not just because the Easter eggs have already been planted.

There’s one “golden age” city perfect for TV in this era of grim dark heroes. Find out more on page 2!