11 More Superhero Movies That Almost Happened

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This one’s a two-pher for you as it almost happened, but ultimately didn’t, twice! Before they made a giant splash in the entertainment world with their 1999 film The Matrix, The Wachowskis wrote a script for the unlikeliest of heroes for Warner Bros. – Plastic Man. Some changes were made to the character for the script, which was written back in 1995. Firstly the character went by the name Daniel O’Brien instead of Patrick O’Brien and instead of being a “con man gone good,” the character is a former eco-terrorist who has just gotten out of prison at the start of the script, with a running “No litterbugs gag” ever present in the script. In a report on the original draft, IGN called the plot for the script “convoluted and kid-friendly.”

“It’s probably the closest script to a comedy we’ll write,” Larry said in an interview back in 1996. “We thought it could be kind of cool. The basic idea we came up with was that he would be an environmentalist, almost like an Earth First-er type guy.”

He went on to describe a scene from the film saying: “The funny scene we thought of that was kind of the start of it all was like he goes to the bathroom after he becomes Plastic Man and his urine is no longer bio-degradable so he like wants to kill himself.”

It’s reported that TV director Bryan Spicer signed on to helm the project and eventually re-wrote it to the point that it was no longer what the Wachowskis originally put down. The bad news is this lead to Plastic Man never getting made, but the good news is that it introduced them to Joel Silver who would produce all three of The Matrix films with them.

Fast forward to 2008 when a new rumor popped up suggesting the Wachowskis had taken the script out of a drawer and wanted to make it their next directorial effort, featuring frequent collaborator Keanu Reeves in the title role. Reeves shot down the rumor rather quickly, and once again it never materialized.

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