9 Superhero Movies That Should Be Remade

We can all agree that the Catwoman film has a lot of problems. It’s often cited, and for good reason, as one of the worst movies in history. All of the issues of it as a movie aside, many fans cry out that the character in this film isn’t actually the Catwoman we all know and love. Instead of adapting the character that has appeared in comics for decades, the filmmakers chose to try a ridiculous attempt at crafting a female starring action film while pandering to stereotypes (the villain gets her powers from a face cream in case you forgot). Furthermore, they took the name “Catwoman” and turned it into a wholly new creation that bears little resemblance to Selena Kyle.
So how do you make a Catwoman movie work? You have to embrace the fact that the character is an anti-hero and thief to start. Catwoman does good things yes, but more often than not, she’s stealing, cheating, lying, but in her eyes it’s all in good fun. Selena has an entire web of supporting characters that should appear in a film based on her, up to and including the Batman himself. Don’t go crazy though, it should be a Catwoman movie where Batman appears and not the other way around.
Now if you’re portraying Catwoman in her proper anti-hero style, what direction do you take it? Why not a heist film? Have Catwoman robbing various museums, banks, and people. Heist movies have a long standing tradition in Hollywood and while The Dark Knight did its best to seal the envelope on comic book heists, I think there’s more to be said especially with Catwoman.
Likelihood of happening: There was talk of doing a Catwoman spin-off from The Dark Knight Rises version of the character, but in retrospect that seems like more of misdirection and/or wishful thinking on the part of Anne Hathaway than anything. We’d be more interested in seeing something along the lines of Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance as Selina in Batman Returns.