9 Superhero Movies That Should Be Remade

I adore Swamp Thing and it wasn’t until I was already a big fan of the source material that I found Wes Craven’s film from the ’80s. If you have never seen the Swamp Thing movie, don’t. “One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen” isn’t enough of a statement for how terrible it is. In the film, Swamp Thing is a bumbling Frankenstein clone covered in mud and not the methodical, powerful, and nearly omnipotent keeper of The Green that we know and love from the comics.
Swamp Thing is one of the most complex characters at DC comics with problems and powers that are approached from an intelligent perspective. He even has his own arch-nemesis in the form of Anton Arcane. He’s been to hell and back, consumed entire cities with floral overgrowth, and battled all sorts of curses, vampires, and monsters. We have the technology to make Swamp Thing’s abilities and the creature himself believable, so why not give it a try?
What separates Swamp Thing from other hero stories is that at the core it is a love story. Yes, other heroes have a love interest but it is always secondary to the primary plot, whereas the plots within Swamp Thing spin out of the relationship he has with his love Abigail (niece of the aforementioned evil Anton Arcane). While it might be difficult for some audience members to accept the love of a human woman and the Swamp Thing, it’s worked in comics for decades so they must be doing something right.
Likelihood of happening: Guillermo del Toro has been quite vocal about doing a “dark universe” film for Warner Bros. involving the darker characters from the DCU including Swamp Thing. Del Toro is an outspoken fan of the character and the mythos and while we wouldn’t bet on the movie happening, Del Toro would be the one to make it work.