9 X-Men Movies Fox Should Make

Ever since comic creator Mark Millar was brought on as a creative consultant for 20th Century Fox’s Marvel properties, the internet has been abuzz (partially due to Millar) that we’d be getting more movies than just “X-Men” or “Fantastic Four.” They’ve tampered with the origin stories of Wolverine, with a sequel to follow, and solo films for Magneto and Deadpool have long been in the works with very little movement over the years. With the spark of energy that The Avengers shot into the world, it makes sense that we’ll be getting a few more films out of the X-Men universe and we’ve compiled a list of the ones that we want to see.


One way to make a Magneto film would be to use the idea of Uncanny X-Men #200 (“The Trial of Magneto”) as a basis for the story, though not the actual inspiration for the plot because it’s quite awful. With Magneto arrested and on trial for all he’s done, you’ve got the perfect frame for going throughout his life and showing the events that shaped him, his fights with the X-Men, and all the moral questions that come up when you’re discussing the X-Men vs. The Brotherhood. The filmmakers could take a page from “The Trial” story and have Magneto save everyone in the end, leaving us with the question of ‘Is he really all that bad?’ as the film ends.
A film with this wide a spectrum of events could also open up the book of references to other X-Men lore and locations. Asteroid M, the longtime base of operations for Magneto, should undoubtedly make an apperance along with British super-human prison Crossmore. Like the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, this also offers up the perfect opportunity to have both Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen play the role in different periods throughout his life. Who wouldn’t want a two hour movie with all kinds of Magneto action and a courtroom full of mutants?