9 Heroes That Should Have Their Own TV Series

Of course the big man belongs on TV. We all love the animated series, but who doesn’t want to see a real live Batman beating criminals to a pulp? It’s been far too long since a real Batman was on our television screens and while it makes sense because the movies make so much money, why can’t we have both?
After The Walking Dead hit cable and became an instant hit and all these other creator-owned comics started getting optioned, why didn’t we see any of the Big Two’s properties gain more traction? If you think that the ratings for The Walking Dead are good for a comic book show, imagine what the ratings would be for a Batman television show. Keeping a similar tone to the Dark Knight trilogy is the best way to ease people in and keeping it to 12/13 episodes a season is a good way to insure viewers won’t get lost in a 22/24 episode schedule.
How much would we all enjoy settling in on a Tuesday night with our favorite snacks and seeing Batman fight the Joker, but you’re not watching The Dark Knight for the 100th time you’re watching a brand new episode of a series. Batman needs serialized storytelling and while he gets that in his comic book form, the truth is not enough people read the comics for it to be a cultural cornerstone. Batman belongs on TV, who’s with me?
What heroes did I leave off that you want to see on TV? Sound off below and don’t forget to check out Arrow on Wednesday, October 10th at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.
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