Spidey Turns 50: The 9 Weirdest Moments in Spider-Man History

Spider-Man is now 50 years old, and like most intellectual properties that are getting up there, it hasn’t always been an easy run. Sure, Spider-Man has had some great moments throughout his life like the Spider-Man cartoon of the ’90s, the Spider-Man: Blue story arc, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2, the list goes on. But for every great moment that he had, there was at least one very terrible, very peculiar, and very odd moment. While this is in no way a definitive list of the weirdest moments that we’ve seen Spider-Man in, it’s definitely a good sampling. Prepare to scratch your head in amazement…

Spider-Man and his buggy went through a lot in their short time together – he even lost the car in the river once due to Mysterio right around the time that Corona Motors decided they wanted the car back. He even had to fight his car when a modified version of it, built by The Tinkerer, attacked him.