9 Things You May Not Know About The Dark Knight Series

There have been quite a few behind the scenes photos for The Dark Knight Rises, but they filmed the movie outside and in public quite a bit, so it’s to be expected. On the turn of that there weren’t a lot of photos for The Dark Knight during it’s production and even know almost four years after it’s release, there still aren’t a lot in comparison. There is one however that has made many a round among the internet and gets spread probably every day with a smile from everyone that sees it.
Yeah, this photo. This is probably the most well known photo from the behind the scenes of The Dark Knight and the worst part about it? It’s a fake, not real. While it is based on another photo, shown below, but someone augmented it to add the skateboard. We do all know that Ledger was a well known fan of skateboarding, so we all really wish this was a real picture, but alas it is not.
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