The 10 Comics We DON’T Want to See From Marvel NOW!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a huge fan of Deadpool. I like him alright, but I’m not to the level that so many of his fans clamor to. That in mind I have a different reason for not wanting Deadpool to be rebooted: I don’t want to see people complain about it. Deadpool fans are fine where they are, Marvel throws them two comics a month starRing the Merc with a mouth and they eat it up. Relaunching Deadpool, while a ‘good business idea’ on paper, would only result in fan backlash and shouting (I don’t care for shouting).
Let’s not forget that the idea of relaunching a character is really to just sell more titles and in doing so you need to kind of bundle the character together really well in the first issue for newcomers to pick up and totally understand. Is that possible with Deadpool? I suppose so, but it seems like it would be a really tough thing to pull off. If someone isn’t used to the meta/fourth wall breaking Merc with the most rdiculous plots and allies the first issue might scare them off, or make them a life long fan.
Likelihood of happening: I’d say only a 20% chance of happening. It doesn’t look like the current series will be stopping any time soon, but considering Marvel NOW! will be running through February that might mean it’ll get a brand new #1.
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