The 10 Comics We DON’T Want to See From Marvel NOW!

Again, one of those books that just started, but I have other reasons so don’t yell at me just yet. The idea of doing an “Age of Apocalypse” book was a risk on Marvel’s part, it could have failed. Sure, the original series is one of the biggest events Marvel has ever done and it’s beloved by fans, you still never know what will stick and what won’t. Luckily for Marvel this one worked and people really dig it.
Now I’m not opposed to Marvel doing a comic set in another time and place, in fact I think they should be doing more of these books. Yes they kind of mess with continuity but in their own way they have their own continuity and shouldn’t be bothered by the other comics coming out every week. The thing I’d really like to see, though–it’s probably not a priority at Marvel at all–is a 2099 series. A comic set in the future with future versions of all the characters we love. Yeah it could be corny and weird but it could also be really cool and would be the exact kind of stand alone series that new readers want, something they don’t need to know fifty years of comics knowledge to understand.
Likelihood of happening: I think “Age of Apocalypse” is safe and my 2099 idea is dead in the ground.
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