SHH Video Interview: Marc Webb’s 500 Days of Spider-Man*

Now that the movie is coming out, everyone can decide for themselves if Webb was the right man for the job as he certainly nailed a lot of the things from the comics like the relationship between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, as played by Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Spider-Man’s webswinging and wisecracks and lots of other stuff. It also introduces Rhys Ifan as Dr. Curt Connors, who gets transformed into The Lizard as he tries to regenerate his lost arm, and in true reboot fashion, that origin is tied directly into Spider-Man’s.

Last week, attended the New York City junket for the film and in the exclusive video interview below, we spoke with Webb about:

* His pitch to get the gig directing the movie

* What he took from the comics especially in terms of Gwen Stacy

* How he went about finding Andrew Garfield for Peter Parker

* What the screenplay was like when he came onboard

* Whether The Lizard was in that original screenplay

* Tying Spider-Man and The Lizard’s origins together

* Why they left out a classic line from the Spider-Man comics

* Casting Sally Fields who doesn’t look old enough to play Aunt May

* Bringing more realism into the Spider-Man mythos

* Why Dr. Curt Connors doesn’t have a prosthetic arm

* How he wanted to do more practical stunts even though visual FX have improved since Sam Raimi’s first movie

* Visual references taken from the comics

* Pushing Spider-Man’s wisecracking

* Whether he wants to direct another Spider-Man movie

* He says he hasn’t been developing anything and brushes aside movies he’s been attached to, including the musical Jesus Christ Superstar (although he says it’s his favorite musicals of all time)

And More!

The Amazing Spider-Man opens nationwide on July 3; look for lots more with the cast in the coming week and a half.