Who We Want to See in the New Ninja Turtles Movie



The masked vigilante and fan of sports equipment is probably the favorite human character in the entire mythos, some probably even like him more than some of the Turtles. Casey is pretty easily summed up as a masked vigilante, but he deserves a lot more than that. Sure you can keep the whole “got tired of thugs in his neighborhood” aspect of the character, but if you make it a little more personal to him it’ll make more sense for the time being. Why not have his father/mother/a sibling killed at the hands of the gangsters in his neighborhood. It might seem cliché, but there’s nothing worse than a hero without a real origin. Deciding one day that you’re going to beat up bad guys with bats and hockey sticks isn’t a proper origin.
I think a good candidate for Casey is Alex Russell from this year’s “Chronicle.” He kind of looks like Casey and he has the physical attributes of someone that knows their way around a baseball bat and hockey sticks. Russell can hold his own in a no-holds-barred fight as we saw in “Chronicle.” Though we all love Casey, the character does need to take a back seat to the Turtles (since his name isn’t in the title) and picking an A-list actor wouldn’t be the way to go, but after this gig with the hockey mask, Russell could make the jump to leading man material.
(Alex Russel photo: FayesVision/WENN.com)