5 Things We Want to See in Marvel’s Solo Sequels

A couple of weeks ago, we shared who we thought should join the team in The Avengers 2, which was received well by some, and not so well by others. Since then, we’ve seen The Avengers a second time, but before that we watched all the previous Marvel Studios movies as part of AMC’s Marvel Movie Marathon. Sitting in a movie theater for 17 hours watching nothing but Marvel movies made us start thinking more about what we liked and what we didn’t like, which got us thinking how Marvel Studios can keep the love going with their next three movies, all sequels to popular movies as well as their very first threequel Iron Man 3.

Granted, most of these movies already have scripts written and they probably have a good idea of what they plan on doing and who they will include in them but in case anyone from Marvel Studios is reading this, maybe there’s still some time to make sure that long-time fans of the comics will get some of what they want. (After all, none of these movies have actually started filming yet)

Oh, and…


Iron Man 3

It’s really difficult making a threequel, especially when the first two movies in a franchise are generally well liked. That’s partially why movies like Spider-Man 3 and X-Men: The Last Stand will never be considered among the favorites of comic book movie fans, but we think Marvel Studios knows there’s a lot of pressure for Iron Man 3 to be as good as The Avengers and they’ll be going out of their way to insure that, starting with the intriguing cast they’ve been putting together.

5. Let’s not wait too long for Iron Man 4. With Robert Downey Jr.’s contract coming to an end with Iron Man 3, we’re nervous there may be a fairly large gap while Marvel Studios plans The Avengers 2 and tries to launch other heroes. It was two years between Iron Man and Iron Man 2 and three years before Iron Man 3, so we want to leave this one knowing that Downey is signed and ready to go for Iron Man 4 and it’ll get released by 2016. And seriously, if they don’t put the Mandarin in THAT one, we’re going to have a conniption (although we believe the rumors that he’s going to be in this one).