SDCC Video Exclusive: Green Lantern Writer/Producer Greg Berlanti

One of the more eagerly-anticipated panels at Comic-Con this year was the one for Warner Bros. and D.C. Entertainment’s Green Lantern, which opens on June 17, 2011. You can read about what we got to see at the panel here, but the teaser footage went by so fast it left us with a ton more questions.

Fortunately, after the panel, had a chance to sit down briefly with the film’s writer and producer Greg Berlanti to talk about the movie. We previously spoke to him at ShoWest earlier this year, where he was presenting footage from his directorial debut, an upcoming romantic comedy called Life as We Know It, but as we’ve learned, his own heart belongs to the world of comic books, which is why he’s been so involved in bringing Hal Jordan’s cast of characters to the screen. Berlanti was also attending Comic-Con to premiere the pilot for his upcoming television show “No Ordinary Family,” which also delves into the world of superheroes, in this a family of superheroes ala The Fantastic Four or The Incredibles. 

We ended up talking about many things relating to the new DC Universe being created for the movies, how Berlanti got involved with Green Lantern and his working relationship with Geoff Johns, the long-time and current writer of the “Green Lantern” comics. We also learned that the only human Green Lantern in the movie will be Hal Jordan, so no Guy Gardner or John Stewart just yet. Finally, we also got a progress report on the planned movie starring Hal’s good friend Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash

Watch the video interview below to learn more about Berlanti’s involvement in bringing these DC Comics characters to the big screen.