Eric Powell Gives Update on The Goon Movie

Recently, MTV Splash Page caught up with Eric Powell, the comic creator behind the Dark Horse-published comic book The Goon, which is being developed as an animated movie by producer David Fincher–and not to be confused with the Jay Baruchel hockey comedy; they got an extensive update on the project.

He tells them that his first draft of the script is finished and being tweaked while animators Blur Studios work on some test animation for David Fincher to look over, although the movie isn’t likely to really get going until Fincher finishes his current movie The Social Network, based on the founders of Facebook.

As Powell tells them, “Fincher is heavily involved and he’s going to have final say over everything, so we will get his input — he won’t just be a figurehead.”

Hoping to get the project set up at a studio before sharing any of the test footage, Powell talks extensively about the adaptation and how he’s modifying the comics for an animated movie, all of which you can read over on MTV Splash Page.

Source: MTV Splash Page