Superhero Hype Cosplay: Creating Mera

Note From the Editor: Superhero Hype’s cosplay correspondent, Ashlynne Dae, is back with a look at how she created a costume based on Y’Mera Xebella Challa. Or  you know, you can just call her Mera. Jack Miller and Nick Cardy created Mera in 1963 as Aquaman’s love interest, and she later became his wife. But in the last two decades, Mera has had a much larger role in DC’s comic book universe. She even headlined her own miniseries. Now, Mera is once again Aquaman’s wife, but she’s also a member of the Justice League and a heroine in her own right.

Hello beautiful humans! I recently had a chance to whip up a classic Mera cosplay, and this week, I am going to talk a bit about how I went about it.

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