Superhero Hype Cosplay: Mystique Part 1 – Creating the Costume

Note From the Editor: As part of Superhero Hype’s ongoing cosplay coverage, our special corespondent, Ashlynne Dae, is back with a new column. This week, Ashlynne is walking us through the creation of her Mystique cosplay, which was inspired by the Uncanny X-Men comics rather than the live-action movies. Next week, we’ll have a full Mystique gallery from Ashlynne! But for now, we offer you a look behind the process of creating the costume.

This week, I’m going talk a bit about how I made my Mystique cosplay! Last time I talked about my Psylocke cosplay and how I went about creating the pattern for it. This time, I’ll show you a different method that I use when I want to add seam lines or just a different design in a costume. This method can work for all types of stretchy costumes, including bodysuits, leotards, bodices, and dresses.

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And there we have it! Just a little peak into how I put together my Mystique cosplay! I hope you enjoyed this, and I also hope it helps you create your own cosplays! If you have any questions few free to contact me.

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