Superhero Hype Cosplay: Creating Psylocke Part 2

Note From the Editor: As part of Superhero Hype’s cosplay coverage, our special corespondent, Ashlynne Dae, is back with a new column. This is the second and final installment of her Creating Psylocke series. Last week, Ashlynne walked us through the early stages of how she recreated Jim Lee’s fan favorite Psylocke costume from Uncanny X-Men. Now, Ashlynne is showing us her last steps and sharing a few of her in-costume pictures! 

Hello all you fabulous humans! Last week, I covered how to go about making a pattern for Psylocke’s bodysuit using a pattern block. This week. I’ll go into a bit of the construction process for the suit, boots, and gloves! This is more of a rough overview of my sewing process. If you are new to cosplay and sewing, I may have a more in depth explanation of these processes in the future! However, if you have any questions please do feel free to contact me! I’ll do my best to help! Now, let’s get to it!

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