Doctor Doom has a drink

How Doctor Doom Became the X-Men’s Most Unlikely Ally

With the anti-mutant organization Orchis taking over the Earth, the X-Men are in need of allies. This fact inspired a desperate mission to seek out what few mutants remain on Earth. It also led to an unlikely alliance with Doctor Doom.

X-Men #29 by Gerry Duggan and Joshua Cassara found Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, and Ms. Marvel attempting to infiltrate Latveria. The X-Men presumed that the mutants they detected there were being held against their will. Instead, they were revealed as a new team of mutant heroes organized by Doctor Doom, and willing defenders of their nation.

Doctor Doom is a mutant ally

Doctor Doom rescues Nerium

Despite being the sworn enemy of Reed Richards, Victor Von Doom has a good record when it comes to mutant rights. For all his flaws, Doom is no bigot, and has aided the X-Men on several occasions. As a ruler, he has also fought against those who threatened the lives of Latveria’s mutants.

Several flashbacks in X-Men #29 speak to Doctor Doom’s good works. He created the special staff which allows Volta to control her erratic electric powers. He also freed the mutant Nerium from the Latverian sideshow that held her captive. Small wonder then that the Latverian mutants feel more loyalty to Doctor Doom than the mutant community at large.

X-Men Fight House of Doom

While the X-Men left Latveria without the mutant allies they sought, Kitty Pryde still felt they “lost the battle, but won the war.” Wolverine agreed that while Doctor Doom is an opportunist, he also protects his people. As such, Doom does not tolerate threats to his people’s welfare.

With the anti-mutant group Orchis out to remove all mutants from Earth, it is only a matter of time before they come after Latveria and the mutants under Doom’s protection. On that day, Nerium stated, the X-Men would have her support, and that of Doctor Doom. Doom was less direct in offering his support. He did, however, hint at being open to an alliance with Krakoa, stating that “perhaps you can call your friends to your side before you are destroyed.”

X-Men #29 is now available in comic shops everywhere.