Exclusive: AHOY’s Dystopian Satire Justice Warriors Returns for Third Printing

Matt Bors and Ben Clarkson’s dystopian sci-fi satire Justice Warriors is returning for a third printing at AHOY Comics.

AHOY initially published Justice Warriors as a six-issue limited series from June 2022 to November 2022. A trade paperback edition hit shelves this past February before selling out its initial run in June. At this time, SuperHeroHype can exclusively reveal that AHOY is rushing Justice Warriors back to print just in time for the holiday season.

“The way readers are responding to JUSTICE WARRIORS, you would almost think it reflects the real world instead of far-fetched ‘issues’ contrived to entertain, like economic inequality, corrupt politics, and militarized policing,” said AHOY Editor-In-Chief Tom Peyer. “Matt and Ben imagine a society where everything feels broken. I don’t know where they get their ideas, but they add up to light-hearted laughs and family fun for everyone on your holiday list!!! (Or is it me that’s broken?)”

“The economy is doing great according to the Justice Warriors Index,” said two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Bors. “All sectors need this book!”

“Justice Warriors is the perfect stocking stuffer for your brother, cousin or nephew — basically any terminally online mutant you know,” added acclaimed filmmaker Clarkson.

What is Justice Warriors about?

An official synopsis for Justice Warriors reads as follows: “Outside the walls of prosperous Bubble City, two tense cops patrol the Uninhabited Zone, a vast slum where most of the population lives, many of them mutants. After his partner is killed by a self-driving bus, traumatized veteran Swamp Cop must teach naïve rookie Schitt that the UZ can only be policed by breaking every rule!”

Justice Warriors is on sale now from AHOY Comics.