Marvel’s Avengers Inc. to End With Issue #5

Marvel Comics editor Tom Brevoort has confirmed that Al Ewing and Leonard Kirk‘s Avengers Inc. is coming to an end with January’s issue #5.

A reader named Cathal recently wrote into Brevoort’s Substack newsletter, asking, “Is Avengers Inc. over with #5? I’ve been enjoying it so far.” Brevoort — who serves as the Senior Vice President of Publishing at Marvel — replied, “Unfortunately, Cathal, there weren’t enough like you, so we will be wrapping up the series with issue #5.”

This revelation is surprising, seeing as how Avengers Inc. was originally announced as an ongoing series. Furthermore, there are online listings for a sixth issue of the series, which apparently would have released on February 21.

What is Avengers Inc. about?

Ewing and Kirk’s Avengers Inc. launched this past September. The series centers on founding Avenger Janet Van Dyne/the Wasp and Marvel Universe newcomer Victor Shade. Not to be confused with The Vision, this Victor Shade is an intelligence inhabiting the body of the villainous Dave Cannon/Whirlwind, who was murdered in his cell at The Raft.

Janet and Victor join forces to find out how exactly the latter came to be. Little does Janet know, her ex-husband, Hank Pym, is at the center of his mystery. Along the way, Janet and Victor take on other murder cases — which take them to places like the repurposed Avengers Mansion and even Valhalla.

An official synopsis for the fifth and final issue of Avengers Inc. reads as follows: “THE SECRET REVEALED! Her name is Janet Van Dyne. She led the Avengers. She’s divorced. Deep down, she still considers herself a widow. His name is Henry Pym. He’s the leader of the new Lethal Legion. He’s her ex-husband. He’s very much alive. Together, they’ve got a LOT to talk about…”

Avengers Inc. #1-3 are on sale now from Marvel Comics. Issue #4 hits shelves on December 27, 2023, followed by issue #5 on January 31, 2024.