Beast Boy Garfield Logan
(Image Source: DC)

New Titans Comic Shows Beast Boy Can Hulk Out

The shapeshifting powers of Beast Boy are some of the most versatile in the DC Universe. The current Titans series has explored the limits of these powers, showcasing Garfield Logan’s transformation into alien kaiju and insect swarms. Titans #5 by Tom Taylor, Nicola Scott, and Anette Kwok continued this trend, showing that Beast Boy is not limited to animal forms. Indeed, he can “Hulk-out,” and grow larger and stronger when he is angry.

The opening scene of Titans #5 continues the team’s battle with the Demolition Team. The mercenary group had been hired to forcibly relocate an Amazon tribe and deforest their lands. While none of the Titans were happy about the situation, Beast Boy was particularly shaken by the villains’ indifference. Such was his anger that he lost control of his powers, slowly growing larger with every step he took.

Beast Boy Hulks out in Titans #5
(Image Source: DC)

By the time he reached the leader of the Demolition Team, he was twice their size. His teammates were quick to talk Beast Boy down and he soon returned to normal. While he avoided rampaging like the Incredible Hulk he briefly resembled, the incident established another use for his powers.

The Road to Beast World

Titans is a true ensemble series, but Beast Boy has had a key role in nearly every issue to date. This makes sense as Garfield Logan is a popular character. However, the series seems to be building to something in how it uses Beast Boy.

Nearly every issue so far shown Garfield defying his previously established limits, such as shapeshifting into an alien animal he’d never seen in person. It seems likely this is subtly paving the path for the upcoming Titans: Beast World event. The crossover is poised to test Beast Boy like never before, necessitating the comics leading up to it showcase just how powerful he truly is.

Titans #5 is now available at comic shops everywhere.